The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

News coverage of Bristol Hooters' closure

A few trickles of news coverage about the closure of Hooters in Bristol.

Here it is on the BBC News website: “Bristol Hooters restaurant closes”. (Thanks for the link to our site, BBC!)

And a suitably inaccurate article in the notoriously unsupportive Bristol Evening Post (for instance, despite what the headline tells you, Hooters wasn’t a “burger chain” – it sold chicken wings and “curley fries” [SIC]); the Brighton branch of Hooters has thankfully never opened; and the petition gained 1,500 signatures, not the 700 mentioned…): “American burger chain Hooters closes restaurant on Bristol Harbourside"

Bristol Fawcett has also released a short statement about the closure of Hooters:

“Bristol Fawcett, together with many others, protested about and campaigned against the opening of Hooters on Bristol’s Harbourside in autumn 2010.

"The Hooters brand is outdated and does not have a place in any modern city that values equality. The men, women and children of Bristol always deserved better than a restaurant that served women up as sexual commodities, on the menu alongside chicken wings and fries. The Hooters mix of marketing offer, catering both to stag parties and children’s birthday parties, was particularly toxic.

"It is never a cause for celebration that a business has failed, and we are mindful that people have lost their jobs. We hope that whatever new business arrives to take up residence in the heart of Bristol’s historic Harbourside will be more in tune with the progressive aspirations of our city.”