The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bristol Evening Post's balanced reporting on Hooters shock!

So the Evening Post have finally managed to report on Hooters in a balanced way for a change.

Bristol Evening Post article on Hooters bikini contest

The Evening Post, which have previously been known for their desire to keep this future advertiser and discount Christmas party venue happy, have reported on the bikini contest following a complaint from Bristol University's Gender Violence Research Centre.

As usual, the comments below the article are full of misinformation and misogyny.  We'd set the record straight but what's the point when those writing a kneejerk reaction don't want to hear about the reasons for the complaint or why this is different to wearing a swimsuit on the beach.....(and if you can't see the differences between that and girls parading up and down and being judged on their bikini clad bodies in front of a crowd of slavering losers....sorry, men.... then perhaps these people should stick to reading The Sun instead of challenging themselves intellectually with the Bristol Evening Post). 

Those who can see the difference long ago stopped bothering to post on the Bristol Evening Post's webpage in response to the barrage of misogyny that always accompanies an article on Hooters.  If we thought that our views would be taken seriously, we would take the time but those who type out the misogynist bile don't want to take a minute to consider why Hooters is so offensive and why the Centre for Gender Violence Research would take the time out of their day to bring this to the Council's attention.

We'll leave them to their simple ideas about feminism, empowerment and women's place in the world whilst we focus on those who can make a difference.

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