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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hooters in Bristol hosts its "inaugural" bikini contest

Well, well....who'd have thought that the oh so "family friendly" Hooters restaurant would start holding bikini contests?  What a surprise.  And they told us it was all about the food and the atmosphere and the hula hooping! 

So on Wednesday, 11th May Hooters in Bristol held its first bikini contest implying that we have many more to look forward to.  According to the terms of its licence it allows children in until 9pm and the bikini contest started at 7pm.  What a great night for all the family!

During the (quite frankly, mockery of a) licensing hearing committee, Gallus Management's lawyer said: 

Gallus’ lawyer said: “There isn’t anything about this that undermines the protection of children. I realise it is not for everyone. It is a restaurant with a uniform. Not a strip club. The uniform is not relevant to the licencing application.”

What about when the girls aren't wearing a uniform at all?

And we have this from the licence written decision:
Licence condition number 13:  There shall be no adult entertainment or services, activities, other entertainment or matters ancillary to the use of the premises that may give rise to concern in respect of children.  For example (but not exclusively), there shall be no nudity or semi-nudity, films for restricted age groups, the presence of gaming machines

Bristol City Council are currently looking into whether this breaches a licensing condition or objective.
Given that the licence shouldn't have been awarded in the first place, the answer to that, Bristol City Council, would be yes.

Will BCC prove to be as spineless as they were when they approved the original application, even though the police objected to the licence being awarded?

We will wait and see.

In the meantime, if you want to object, please e-mail: and copy any councillors in that you think should be involved.

And don't forget to thank Marks and Spencer while you are at it for helping to inflict Hooters on our city.

You can e-mail to say thank you at:

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