The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Petition is starstruck by supporters

The Close Hooters in Bristol Now petition has taken on a life of it's own this week. Since launching at 9am on Tuesday, May 31, it has gathered more than 880 signatures. The vast bulk of these were in the first 48 hours, but the number keeps on rising.

The petition - here's a link - has spread like wildfire over Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Emails etc etc. So, an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who has signed the petition, shared the link in whatever form, and supported it whether in person or online, whether you know those behind it in real-life or simply in cyberspace. The amount of support received this week for the petition has been amazing, and the campaigners are all stunned that only a handful of people have chosen to berate them or pick holes in the argument. Clearly, they are not a tiny minority objecting to Hooters. They are a strong, very vocal and absolutely determined huge group... and they are not going away.

And I can't close this post without pointing out the very helpful celebrity support the petition has had from household names including Jonathan Ross and David Mitchell, as well as great support from names who are slightly less well known but certainly no less important. Thank you all.

PS - The story is in the Bristol Evening Post today. The story is OK, the comments (as always) are largely a load of nonsense. Here's a link.

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