The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Monday, 20 September 2010

3 national newspapers and the local rag in 2 days

So what are M&S going to do now?  We wait with bated breath.  Will they keep trotting out that "it's a commercial decision?"  Or will they finally wake up to the fact that their reputation is suffering over this?

Place your bets now.....
Sunday Telegraph article

The Independent on Sunday article

The Sun article

Small World article

Jack Bristol article

The Evening Post article

Interesting article on Civitas about corporate responsibility following on the M&S/Hooters debacle

The Christian Institute - who mention David Cameron's concerns about the sexualisation of young girls

The India Times!

Link to Independent article on Parent Pages

Random US blog called Strangeguys!

South West Business News

Froxter (whatever that is!) article

The story was also discussed on Radio 5 last night and on Heart FM this morning.

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  1. and in the stokes croft website

    although have corrected them - we started the protest, we didn't join them!


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