The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Friday, 10 September 2010

It's not just sexual exploitation, it's M&S sexual exploitation

So good old M&S, trustworthy M&S, backbone of Britain M&S have decided to help Bristol get its the country's 3rd 'Hooters'.

We'd just like to say:                       Thanks Marks and Spencer!

I mean, really thank you!  Your lack of ethics and decision making based entirely on "commercial" factors will now mean that Hooters can offer "something different" to Bristol.  Did you know that the people of Bristol will soon be able to order some chicken breasts (fnarr, fnarr), some baps (hurr hurr) and some jugs (oh I kill myself!!) of beer, all served by a pretty young girl with her cleavage on show and wearing a pair of scratchy orange hotpants!

The good people of Bristol will also be able to:

*view bikini contests whilst munching on their chicken wings, 
*judge iced wet t-shirt competitions whilst enjoying their salad and 
*browse through the latest 'Hooters girl' calendar whilst ordering the food for their children's parties!

Bristol really is privileged to be getting this.  The city was looking a bit stale - I mean a lap dancing club just got turned down - so a good bit of old fashioned sexism will really shake up the vibrant nightlife in this quiet area (opposite residential apartment blocks).

If you'd like to write and thank Marks and Spencer for their thoughtfulness, the address is:

I'm sure they'd love to hear how grateful we are that they're helping to bring Hooters to Bristol!

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