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Monday, 27 September 2010

Things I forget in my post re the job application...

Other recollections from my interview are coming back to me in dribs and drabs. Here’s some more…

Alex also told me there would be competitive eating, ie: see how many marshmallows you can stuff in your gob at once.

Oh, and he asked if I had made cocktails, so I said yes (does pouring a can of Coke into some rum in my kitchen count? I can add some cranberry juice to some vodka, too, if required). However, I was under the impression (having sat through the tedious licensing hearing on September 1) that there was going to be no back bar and therefore no cocktails. Hmm.

Alex had made it clear from the start that on the Saturday they were only interviewing for hosts. However, while we were chatting I saw a large man come in and start filling in a form. So I queried Alex on this, and he said that guy was applying for a job in the kitchen. (Although, he’d just said Saturday was only for hosts. Confusing). I asked if all the hosts were female, and he said mostly, but there were some men.

NB: Does anyone, anywhere have anything to add to this – because this is brand new information to me, and I’ve done tons of Hooters research in the past month or two, and never encountered news of a Hooters Boy. Presumably their rarity would make them an interesting topic of conversation if they existed? The lesser spotted Hooters Boy. Or perhaps they are less photogenic than the girls. If they do exist, I am curious to know what they wear. Presumably, nothing but their pants.


  1. After posting this, I saw BookElf's comments on the previous post re my lack of bar experience, which I have again demonstrated here with my flippant cocktail making remarks. So, incase she/he reads this post and wants to again comment, I am already pointing out to her/him that I have noted this.

  2. Its a her, cheers! Sorry, I really didn't mean to sound so up myself before! Cocktail making is a real art, and a professional job, and yes pouring coke into rum does count, but only off the back of a spoon whilst crushing some serious amounts of lime :)


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