The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Saturday, 23 October 2010

50 Percy the Sexist Pigs descend on Marks and Spencer, Oxford Circus!

50 Percy the Sexist Pigs descended on Marks and Spencer, Oxford Circus today to ask why they are supporting the Hooters breasturant chain.  Around 1200 flyers were handed out inside and outside the store.  The announcement about the activism went out at the Feminist in London Conference today at which 1000 feminists were present. 

The manager was requested but decided not to come and talk to Percy.  Would he/she care to comment on the blog?  We'd love to hear from them. 

Just a very small selection of the places where flyers were left for customers to see! 

Where will Percy strike next?

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