The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Giving two hoots for Hooters

This blog post has appeared in cyberspace, adding petrol to the fire that Hooters is OK and "just harmless fun". Oh my god! How irresponsible can people be? Does nobody think before they type?

Blog post about Hooters - yawn

It's tiresome reading about how it's just these "sour-faced feminists" (I quote Ian Onions from the Bristol Evening Post) who are campaigning. There are also a lot of residents up in arms. Oh, and the police are none too happy either. But the police are such a minority organisation that no one needs listen to them. The police are just the ones who will be called in to clean up the mess after it all gets out of hand. Wasting their valuable resources and our hard-earned taxes.

Why are people so stubborn and blinkered about seeing the damage of a dump like Hooters? It's far from harmless, it's far from family-friendly, and it's certainly not pro-women.


  1. Thinking before we type is something that we pride ourselves on at Bristol Culture; not giving knee-jerk reactions to issues, but carefully composing our posts to present our honestly-held opinions.

    When we visited for lunch yesterday, we did find Hooters harmless and family-friendly.

    For the view of our lunch companion Joanna, visit her blog post here:


  2. bristolculture, i am wondering with the tone of your comment whether you are suggesting we are giving knee-jerk reactions to issues?

    because we aren't. most of the women and men involved in this campaign have dedicated their time and energy, their lives, to encouraging gender equality and ending sexism in society. they have researched, talked about, explored and understood the issues that surround the casual sexualisation and commercial sexual exploitation of women. this is something we take very seriously, and any one who cares about the position of women in society should take it seriously too.
    100,000 women are raped every year in the UK. a society that sees women as only and always disposable sex objects allows this to happen. hooters encourages the view of women as nothing more than pieces of meat serving meat to mainly men. when you see someone as an object, it is easy to abuse, harass them. that is one of the many reasons why it is problematic.

    so please don't suggest we are giving a knee jerk response. with all the people desperate to 'trip us up', i assure you, we aren't that stupid.

  3. Thanks for the link to Joanna's blog. Interesting to read that she concludes her piece with a paragraph agreeing with the anti-Hooters argument, and recognising the firm links to prostitution and brothels.

  4. even the evening post's 'pro' columnist said he wouldn't want to be there when the blokey blokes arrive, suggesting the family friendly feeling ends after the watershed.

    i mean, if it is so family friendly - why are under 18s not allowed in after 9pm?

    also, treating women as sex objects is never family friendly.

  5. I'm from Nottingham and Hooters is not "family friendly" - no matter the time of day. The customers are usually men drunk or getting drunk, drunken football fans (requiring a large police presence) and men on stag dos going there before heading on to a lap dancing club.

    I don't know one parent who'd even consider going there with their children. Thankfully. Can't believe these places are spreading though, I thought if anything the Nottingham one would close and that'd be the end of it, not that they'd spread across the country. Depressing.

  6. thanks for your comment charles. i don't understand how they can continue justifying it as being family friendly, when so many people have shown that it is not.


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