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Friday, 11 March 2011

Hooters and Bristol University Student Union - Part Four (GOOD NEWS!)

Good news. After a LOOOOOOOOOONG wait, we got this reply on January 13... Here it is in full. Bit of an about face, eh?



I have been tasked with replying to your submission to our Board of Trustees regarding the matters of the recent epigram articles and the issue of Hooters.

The Board of Trustees was immediately sympathetic to your arguments, and felt positive that this was an important issue for students to grapple with. However, it was unanimously felt that both issues lay firmly outside the remit of the Board of Trustees and should be addressed to the Students' Union's democratic decision-making structures.

I am sorry if this is an unsatisfactory response to your points, and if you would like to enquire further into the rationale of the Board, the Chair can be contacted at [ADDRESS REMOVED].

With regard to the points made about Epigram, the Executive Committee has nothing to add to my previous response and does not feel a need to take the matter any further.

With regard to the point about Hooters and advertising, we feel it is imperative that this matter be treated with the utmost significance and be dealt with through our democratic structures as soon as can be arranged. Firstly, as I promised, we have monitored any advertising or sponsorship requests for any links back to Hooters and none have been made so we do not currently associate with them. Secondly, we feel the most appropriate (and also, the nearest) avenue to pursue this issue is our planned cross-campus referendum at the end of this month. We are currently incorporating it into our plans and feel confident that this would give a ban on Hooters the highest possible mandate.

I hope this is helpful in trying to find a solution to this serious issue. If you would like more information about this process, please feel free to contact me.


[SU President]


(Just one more to follow...)

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