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Friday, 11 March 2011

Hooters and Bristol University Student Union - Part Five (Sigh)

On March 8 (International Women's Day, fact fans) I heard - second hand - that there was to be a referenda at the Student Union yesterday (March 10). Bit rude that no one thought to invite me or any of the other people included in all the opposing emails and statements, but there you go...

Here's the gist (I've deleted the bits relating to irrelevant issues):

Referenda Announced: NUS, BUCS, industrial action by lecturers & Hooters
This March the Students' Union will be holding referenda with our members on a
range of issues. Read the official notice here:
I, [NAME REMOVED], being the appointed Deputy Returning Officer for the
University of Bristol Students’ Union have received notice that the Union
wishes to hold four referenda of the student body on the following topics:
* Should the University of Bristol Students’ Union activities, clubs and
societies be allowed to work with Hooters?
The referenda will be run in accordance with the rules of the Students’ Union.
Each referendum question will require a Yes Campaign Agent and a No Campaign
Agent. A debate discussing the 4 questions shall be held on: Thursday 10th March 2011
commencing at 6pm at (venue to be inserted).
Voting shall take place using first past the post system alongside the Union
elections between 10am Monday 14th March and 1pm on Friday 18th March 2011.
Results will be announced alongside the election results on Friday 18th March
2011 at Bar 100 from 7pm.

Feeling miffed at not being kept in the loop, I emailed the SU President a couple of times. It was only when I copied eveyrone else in that he answered. He said:


I'm sorry I did not reply to your email yesterday, I was indeed out of the office.

To set the record straight, we have sent this issue to a cross-campus referendum (along with our officer elections and three other referenda issues). This week is a period of discussion, and next week is a full week of open online voting for our membership.

There is a hustings/debate event planned for tomorrow evening, where people can come and ask questions or pose their various points of view. However, there will be no voting at this time. Our byelaws dictate that only members of the union can take part in these events, however, if anyone would like to observe them, you can contact [EMAIL REMOVED] who can arrange that. However, I would stress that it is unlikely that this event's discussions will rival the level of discussion happening in common rooms and student living rooms - where most students will make up their minds.

Voting will cease next Friday, and then results will be reported at the results evening later that day.

I hope that answers your queries.


[SU President] 


I'll be back to report next week on what the final outcome is. Hmm...

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