The UK does not want 'Hooters'. It is a retrograde step for a country dedicated to gender equality

Friday, 11 March 2011

Stats - How do people find this blog? Disturbing finds...

I was browsing the stats section of this blog earlier, curious to see how people were finding us. While hits have been fairly low as we haven't updated the blog for a bit, I was impressed to see that around 1,000 people overall have now visited us... in just a few months. But the search words they put into Google to find us are - at times - scary. See the screen grabs here:

I mean, 19 people found us by typing "christmas sex" into Google. What does that say about Hooters that an innocent web surfer looking for a page about gender issues in the festive season (what else would someone searching for "christmas sex" be looking for?!) was corrupted with our helpful post about how to report potential sexist behaviour at your office Christmas party? Tut tut.

And "christmas sex party"? Good lord. Presumably the folk who entered that were looking for guidance on how to have a gender-neutral celebration for the Christian holiday. Poor folk had to see the grim display of near-naked 'sexy Miss Santas' with their knickers out on our page - taken directly from Hooters in Nottingham's page. I can only apologise to those people, who probably felt the need to bleach their eyeballs afterwards. Ouch.

As for people searching for "hooters christmas" and "hooters christmas party" - let's just hope that reading our post warned them off holding their shindig at such a vile, sexist establishment. Goodwill to all women and men... and so on.

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